October 9, 2020

Gifted Guides

Even in her young teens, my daughter , Arrow #3, had an eye for colour. When I go shopping I often take her with me, when I can. 

My Hubby is another - he will tell me if an outfit is "young" enough. How cool is that.

Well, recently Arrow #3 informed me that I have many spots in the house that are picture-worthy. This was something I hadn't noticed till she started posting and sharing. 

During the recent lockdowns, one activity with I did was painting our house. This involved using a colour which I initially didn't like (note to self :- Hubby chose you, so don't sweat it when he chooses a colour like this!) 

The end result is amazing, dreamy, but strong green-blue walls I can use for background adjustments during conference calls. Also for good photographs. Like this one.

I am glad for the suggestions and observations from gifted-eyed family...

PS They aren't the only ones! 

April 3, 2020

Guilty but Good?!

What an eventful few years it has been. Two sons getting married to two lovely women, celebrations spanning close to one another. Along the way, I tried to lose weight to look good. Confessions! Hence this photo...

Now I just need to look more svelte by going to the fitness centre to be tortured by the trainer!

December 2, 2019

A Dozen Brothers

There were a dozen and then there were eleven. 
So the musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat played in the city. What an amazing wonderful time. The band of brothers were truly inspiring.

Gifts - they are all amateurs from different walks of life. In 7 months they are transformed to a musical, harmonising in song and dance troupe. Worthy of any west end musical.

Story line - from jealousy and attempted murder, to repentance and self-sacrificing love. They captured the emotions so well, drawing from their own experience despite their young age.

Acknowledging that favouritism can cause much division and ill-feeling. But also recognising how only God, and He alone, can enable release of forgiveness, deposit hope in hopelessness, bring about redemption, and an amazing beyond-all-imagination future.

The first time this was produced, my third Arrow was in the children's choir.

June 5, 2019

Dumpling Delight

"Let's go eat dumplings for dinner," Arrow #1 said.

"I know the best place, " he said.

Well now, we have all heard that before. The best this and the best that. But best can be very relative.

That was on my mind as Hubby and I were led to a somewhat dimly lit alley, in between the back of two rows of shoptlots. The tables are simple foldable ones, and the chairs are easily stackable, portable ones.

Hmmm on arrival, there were so many customers, I began to change my mind. Maybe he was right...

Dumplings was the first item ordered. The rest were the supplements. When it arrived, looking like this... Frankly, I had second thoughts. They didn't exactly looked appetising!
I gingerly picked one up with my chopsticks, and bit into it.

Wow, were my tastebuds pleasantly surprised! The minced pork was nicely chopped but not too fine, so you can still savour the texture. The flavour was full as the mixture spices blended so well I didn't need to add anything more to it. I like mine "unadulterated" and without sauce or dips so this was right up my street. The flour skin was not too thick, but didn't fall apart too much either. Served in the simple way, it didn't cost an arm or leg either!

I am glad I was persuaded to go and try! And more importantly, as Hubby said, our Arrows would have good taste if we brought them up right. Hahahaha! I like his reasoning!

May 13, 2019

Puppy Poser #1

It was over a year ago when Oreo moved on from our lives - physically.
She was a Labrador-Retriever mix, and taught us a lot. 

A few times she would try to push her way through a gap in the fence, just to follow Granny Sprite (she's coming to 15 doggie years old) As she got bigger, she would still push through... and one day, she popped her hips in the process. Did she complain? Nope. We didn't know what had happened till we took her to the vet. Later that week, she refused to stay at her allocated site and heal - we found her down the slope of the back garden, unable to climb back up. Thankful for a strong Arrow! We will never forget the sight of her looking so happy as she made her way up the steps in the arms of her young master! 

We learned about enjoying life to the full, and even ignore the hindrances. What is pain when you are having fun! What an outlook to life! 
Thankful for that short while we had Oreo. 
PS She was named Oreo because she had just one little patch of white... everywhere else was black.

May 10, 2019

That Time of the Year

It is happening this weekend!
Unless you live in England...
Thousands will celebrate this. 
But I also remember those who are struggling to conceive. Those who are having to cope w multiple miscarriages. This will be a difficult weekend for them. I know because I was once like them.

The sense of hopelessness, sadness, and a lack of fulfilment. The pain of watching those dear to you get married after you, and are now either pregnant or holding lovely babies in their arms. Your own arms feel so very empty. It was worse for me when I was working as a midwife. I watched women giving newborns away for adoption. I saw women signing forms to consent for abortions... I felt the love and loss of the women as I grieved for their fruits.

It took a while. Finally, I got to a point where I could agree to be present at the birth of one of my best friend's baby. What joy. Three months prior I hated the sight of her. Her distended belly made me feel even more inadequate and I entertained unreasonable thoughts like "You did this just to spite me!"

It was a process. Finally I could say honestly that I was at peace with whatever God had in store for me. I had what I thought were promises of sons before I even got married. But God is sovereign. And I could enjoy going traveling with my husband at the drop of a hat.

It was a triumph! I could laugh at the enemy. I could celebrate, worship and adore God despite my circumstances. Who I was (and am) is defined by HIM and HIM alone! Hallelujah!

And then the Lord opened my womb.

He indeed works in mysterious ways.

While I dont feel the pain of the past, I remember the difficulties. While I no longer shed such tears, I shed them when I pray alongside and for those who do. 

You know who you are - Hannahs with wombs waiting to be filled by Samuels. Praying and standing with you at this time.

May 1, 2018

Instance of Inspiration

Who could blame her? She was probably tired. She was probably hungry too. Maybe she wasn't getting the attention she needed. So she got upset and refused to wear her shoes to go out. With the many people bustling about, lots of things to carry, I wondered if it was worth a show-down scene. 

So I offered to take a photo of her shoes. With her feet in them of course. 

She kept them on afterwards.....
And left with a huge grin.....
Thank You Holy Spirit....