December 31, 2009

Phew! Free Wifi

I have been trying to download some videos for the last 24 hours and more. Big files from my brother to show my parents on their golden anniversary dinner because he and his family cant be here .... with no success.

Then we decided to take a drive to the nearby hills. We're on hols here on the other side of the South China Sea.

We decided to take our laptops.

Just as well.

Managed to download all the videos and am happily blogging here for just the price of a cup of coffee. Phew! Now I can work on the presentation for them!

December 29, 2009

New Old Friends

One of the nicest things about having had my parents over is this - the making of new friends. And yet not so new...
They found out that there were links, not only because of friendship of their offsprings, but also through other relatives. Then there were also links because they had common topics and had mutual friends and acquaintances. They got on really well!

December 23, 2009

Eating the Moon

Did I tell you that my parents are here on holidays with us?

Well, since their arrival, we have taken them to many of our favourite haunts for meals. Honestly, we havent waited for Christmas Day to start stuffing! Our FAVOURITE places! How to control.... sigh....

Along the way, when we stopped off at one such place and guess what. Hubby decided to be adventurous ..... he decided to try to eat the moon!

It was a tantalizing thought. Indeed, an intriguing idea.

But how?

Here's how!
What a vessel-clogging, pressure-rising, cholesterol-peaking sight.

Not to mention the taste!

Behold the stir fried koayteow with moon.

December 19, 2009

Simpang Mengayau

What a glorious day it was. After a pleasant drive, we visited the Tip of Borneo, aka Simpang Mengayau.

Seemed the right thing to do with my parents. Did I tell you that my granny was born in Kudat? Well this was a good reason to go and visit!
After this long walk to the top, we walked to the tip and more. My Dad didnt follow to the end, but on the way back, he was scarcely breathless! I am amazed and thank God that we all had a good time!

December 10, 2009

A Little Scare

So the results came out a bit weird.

Initial reaction is to ask WHY? How can someone seemingly so fit come out with such skewed results?

Then a mental scramble for answers takes place.

Followed by resolve to find the right answer.

Then only do I recall I have hotline to the One Who is always there.

So I shoot an SOS to the Ancient of Days.

In return, I get peace that passes all understanding.

And so I relax.

And today, that is justified. That is proven correct.

My Arrow IS fit and fine. It was a skewed result, probably because he ingested something prior to the test being done previously.

Lesson learned - shoot SOS out earlier!

December 3, 2009

Living From a Distance

What do you do when someone you care for falls ill and you are physically apart?

Does the sense of helplessness overwhelm?

Does the desire to step in and take action rise up?

Does the maternal instinct take over?

Does the paternal instinct rear up?

In my books, the hardest thing to bear is having to watch someone you love suffer and be totally unable to alleviate the suffering.

At that time, a decision has to be made. A stance has to be taken. A belief will be lived out.

But first, the question "Is God in control?" needs to be answered.

Then only can the rest take place.