April 29, 2009

Further Punishment

But this time, it is not the physical kind.

I just lost years of electronic data resource.

Learning to give thanks in all....

April 27, 2009

More Punishment

I did it again!

I went for more punishment.

Self-inflicted punishment.....!

I went to the gym and walked and ran on the treadmill.

This time, I covered more than 3km at a faster rate!

Then I went for even more punishment.

Yes, folks, I went on the thigh buster machine and worked out for another ten minutes!!!

P.S. Son got his room and is happy with it. Praise God!

I am certain I will suffer for it tomorrow.

I am certain I will not be able to wear my heels tomorrow.

I am certain I will walk like a penguin tomorrow!

I will certainly keep you posted!

April 26, 2009

Room to Let

Why is it so hard to get a decent room to let in Singapore?

My son is looking for a place. We have had daily online chats and have found it almost tiresome. We don't want to impose on relatives, and certainly don't want to outstay his welcome!

Anyone out there who might be able to help?

April 20, 2009

I Hurt

No, it's not emotional pain. Nor is it mental.

It's pure physical, and self-inflicted!

I went to the gym. (See The Hinge for more information)

Now I sit here and my butt hurts.

When I walk, my calves protest.

Later I am certain my arms will join in the chorus.

I can forget the heels tomorrow morning!

April 18, 2009

Smoking and Health

In a mood for video.
Saw this one and thought you might find it interesting...
Maybe even use it to deter your children from smoking....

sort of humour....?

April 16, 2009


Just look at the little fella! Doesn't it make you broody?

Not me!

April 14, 2009

Seeing the Doctor

She had what we thought was a stye on her eyelid.

But unlike others, it was still there days later. In fact, it got worse!

So we were asked to go and see a specialist.

After some trying-to-decide moments, we settled on the one near our old place of stay. We had to get to the eighth floor!
Once there, we walked down a long corridor which reminded us of a hotel, not a specialist hospital!
Needless to say the view was spectaculer.
It was fun to see familiar landmarks.
When we finally saw the doctor, she gave some antibiotics and told us to return after 24 hours.

Which we did today and praise God, she doesn't need an operation!

April 13, 2009

Being a Momma (Continued)

I interrupted my planned walk down memory lane. So now let me tell you how I found out I was pregnant with my first child.

After years of infertility, I had finally got used to the idea of being able to travel as and when we liked. We traveled light and saw many parts of England. I finally released my desire to have children. It was up to God, I said, and meant it!

Then the opportunity came where both Hubby and I were able to go study together. It was something we had always wanted to do. So we dropped everything, sold our flat in London, packed up and went.

While there, in the first term, I went for aerobics in an attempt to get fitter.

I was sitting on the floor of that dining room twenty years ago (yes, it would be THAT long!) I still remember the moment it somehow dawned on me. It was my second session, and we had to warm up as usual. We began with stretching exercises. Hence I was sitting on the floor.

To my amazement, for the first time in my entire life, I was able to reach my toes.

For those of you who don't know me very well, I have never ever been able to touch my toes with knees unbent unless I almost do the splits!

But here I was, reaching those fat little bits at the end of my legs with reasonable ease.

Somehow, from the deep recesses of my mind, I remembered that when one is pregnant, one would have higher levels of hormones. One such hormone relaxed smooth muscles to prevent premature contractions. The uterus is made of smooth muscle. So are some other parts of our bodies, such as our back.

Amazingly, I made the connection that I was pregnant easily. My back muscles were relaxed - so I was able to bend forward and touch my toes!

It was with uncertain hands that I held the results of my pregnancy test for my Hubby to see. We could barely believe it. A new phase of our lives had begun!

April 12, 2009

April 10, 2009

The Worst Pain

It's not childbirth, though research seems to indicate so.

It's not suffering from illnesses either.

Toothaches can make you lose sleep, but I don't think it comes close.

Long term pain from backache and such might come close. But only close....

How about the pain of losing someone? Hmm that's pretty close I guess.

No, I have decided.

In my books, the worst pain is seeing someone you love going through something awful and being powerless to do anything about it. Don't you agree?

Thank God I can pray, and that is more than enough. HE is a God Who hears and answers prayer!

April 7, 2009

And the Answer is....

I miss them already and I cried.... Still crying....
But they are grown and it's time to release them to a new phase of their lives.

Do well my sons. May you hit the bullseye of God's intended targets for your lives.

April 6, 2009

A Fast-Diminishing Sight

What's big, red, steadfast and sturdy, and previously a prime instrument of communication?

That's right - the one and only postbox!
I still recall my aunt sending a US greenback for each and every one of her nieces and nephews on particular year. Apparently I was the only one who wrote back to say thanks!

Ah the written word - there were unique ways of communicating. One could read the frustration in how the "t"s were crossed a little harder. One could see the jerks from sobs in the misalignment of each word. Not to mention the science of understanding the writer from the writing.

Alas, with advent of the internet this is no longer so often seen. Indeed, letter writing by hand is a dying art. Even buying letter writing paper seems to be harder these days - you have to go to a specific corner in the stationery shop!

But I am hoping that with modern technology I will still have contact with my sons when they go - if not better contact. We have webcams and headphones etc these days right? I wonder how often they will communicate? Or will it be only when they need Vit M....?

April 4, 2009

Will I or Wont I?

Saturday is followed by Sunday.

After Sunday, there is Monday.

Following Monday comes Tuesday.

And that's when the question I ask at the start of this post will arise.

Will I or won't I.... cry when they board the airplane to go for further studies?

I'll let you know....