October 18, 2011

A New One

The old one finally gave up. I was taught from young to use the hand cranking powered one. Then the foot pedal powered one.

The bobbins used to be long. (Can anyone remember those days)

Then they went round and you fed the string counterclockwise.

Later they stayed round but now the string was fed clockwise.

Or was it the other way round.
Anyway this is my new toy.

Except that I accidentally pulled a part out which I ought not have done so and now it doesn't run so smoothly. Oops. I have to get it fixed. Simple I am sure.... but....

October 16, 2011


The other day, I was told by this fine young man that I didn't look my age. Haha! No, he was not flattering me, nor was he out to win me over. A happily married young man that he was, he was stating what he felt was fact. Nice eh?

Except that he didn't know the full story. Amazing what a good set of clothes well worn can do! It hides a lot! And I mean a lot!

I honestly replied him that I felt my age, even if he thought I didn't look it. In particular, I felt it when the hot flushes came. And what are hot flushes I hear you ask? Check it out here. Simple diagrams which help explain.

Anyway, thankfully the hot flushes and other symptoms have ceased since I started on a herb....

But that's another story!

October 15, 2011

In Quick Succession

It was all very short notice. First Arrow #1 came back from finishing his second year studies. Then he received an offer to complete his studies in the UK. Next thing you knew, he was at the airport and off!
Then Arrow #2 came back from being posted in Switzerland for his internship. He was home for 2 weeks. A good time indeed.
But the time flew by quick and he was off back to Singapore!
And now we are back to just one Arrow at home....