May 28, 2012

A Special Moment

She comes from a background of singing in church.
Her mother travels with her.
She seems to be pretty, sweet, and talented.
She is Pixie Lott.
Up until recently I had not heard of her before. But Arrow #3 had. After some quick research we decided it was all right and so we went ahead to get her and her good friend some passes.

And what a time they had! So did we! I hope this will be one of the Memory-Making Moments.... !

May 1, 2012

Snip Snip

After months of procrastination, we did it.

Following months of competing on length, we chopped it.

Subsequent to much deliberation and heart-searching, yea, even taking a poll (by Arrow #3) we did it! 

Off more than half went! Snipped off in one afternoon. Two hours and we were out the door with new - old looks. New for her - super nice and easy to manage. Old for me - easy to handle and a welcome back change.