April 22, 2012

A Break

I am still feeling the effects of last month's whizzing around non-stop. At times I get giddy. Other times I break out in a rash. Quite unlike me.

Yes, I have been to the doctor. I finally succumbed!

The diagnosis? Not sure. Probably chemical imbalance under the skin, stress, lack of sleep.... all the above. What with perimenopause as well!

I think I need a good break. A long one. Go away somewhere and have a retreat. No, not just a retreat but have one of those luxury retreats! Yes! I am getting excited at the thought of that!

The recent wedding? It was held at one of those fancy places and the couple had a estate weddings and events planner to assist them. What a grand affair it was. Not only that, it was also an lovely emotional one.

Goodness! All this talk makes me want to hop on the next flight out....!

April 18, 2012


It was one of those weeks. Tiring meetings. Sapping weather. Difficult circumstances. 

Misunderstood. Misinformed. Mistaken more than once.

I had to keep reminding myself to stay focused.

Then on the way home with Arrow #3, we saw this.
Amazed that I managed to catch a shot of it. Delighted that it was flying repeatedly overhead. Humbled by the reminder the Lord had sent.

Isaiah 40:31But those who wait on the LORD Shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint.

April 16, 2012

I Am Tempted

I am tempted....

to cook dinner
to wash the car
to clean the floor
to wipe the table tops
to tidy up the bedrooms
to sort out the family area

I toy with the idea....
to repair some clothes with tears and holes
to strip, change and wash the bedsheets
to take down, wash and put back up the curtains

I think about....
painting the front fence
changing some of the ceiling light bulbs
fixing the broken gate light
cutting the grass in the garden

I promised.
I gave my word.
I told a few concerned people that I would do so....

...I would rest.


I indulged myself!
I sleep!
I listen to music.
I sleep some more.
I snack.
I crawl back to bed.
I read, read, read.

Conclusion - I have been a good girl. Hee Hee!

PS OK so I did so a simple dinner. And yes I did strip change and clean the sheets... but two of out the rest isn't work...! Oh, and I sewed a button on Hubby's shirt. But that doesn't count!