July 31, 2009

Dairy Products

She stopped dairy products. It was a trial.

She loves cheese. It is going to be hard.

She is desperate to try. It is a test of wills now.

She succumbs and grabs a piece of cheese. In it goes, her mouth channeling it to where it is need most.

Tomorrow the allergy will show.

But tomorrow is another day

July 24, 2009

Allergy Suspect

I suspect an allergy.

Sniffy nose. Congestion in the upper respiratory track. Coughing on and off.

Surprisingly, all ceased when I banned milk and dairy products from the diet.

What do you think?

July 22, 2009


"You can never fight their fights."

"Let them learn by themselves."

We have not only heard those words before; we have used them ourselves.

But what happens when the child is being bullied?

And the child has been taught not to fight back?

And despite pleas with the teacher, nothing effective is done?

Do you take things in your hands and go to see the teacher?

What would YOU do?

July 18, 2009

From Me to You....

Though not what it meant originally,
this is pretty much what I told my Hubby.

July 13, 2009

Saving Yourself, Saving Others

Many years ago, when my own father was a lad, his friends threw him into a disused mining pool. They weren't being malicious. Just playful.

He had told them that he didn't know how to swim.

In typical exuberance of youth, they didn't believe him.

And decided to test their theory using one of the then many pools in my home town.

Alas, if you knew my dad, you would know he doesn't tell lies. Especially on matters such as this.

He nearly drowned.

We are so glad he didn't. Otherwise I wouldn't be here today.

Years later after that, my own sister nearly drowned.

I still remember the day. My cousins were in town. We all went for a dip at the local pool. I barely knew how to swim then, but as the oldest, I felt responsible nonetheless.

At one point, I suddenly missed my sister's bright lemon yellow swimsuit. Looking around, I could not see her at her usual spot near the steps. So I went up to the adults to see if she had got up without letting me know. Six years separated us. She was only a toddler then.

When I got to the adults and asked if she had come out of the water, they all said, "Noooo". Then I saw my dad move. Like never before. I knew he could move fast - he could outrun men younger than he.

He got up super quick and made a beeline to the pool. Without missing a beat, he VAULTED over the fence, plunging in feet first! As a trained lifesaver (following his bad experience), he knew time was of essence.

There was my sister, head bobbing above water. Paddling away with her hands and feet, almost vertical. She had been knocked off from the steps by a rogue wave.

And the lifesaver on duty thought that she was a particularly clever girl who knew how to swim... and left her to it.

Subsequently, I learned to swim well, as did all my siblings. We all represented the state.

I went on to take up life saving and got my distinction award.

My children learn to swim too.

Better safe than sorry.

July 9, 2009

Different Strokes

It is as if God used a different paint brush each time He worked on one of my children. They might look similar, talk the same lingo, and even sound alike. But their personalities? More different than chalk and cheese.

It makes it interesting to care for them. Communication is diverse too. One has to be rather creative. What works for one doesn't always work for the other.

And yet, one has to be fair and not seen to take sides or favour one over the others.

I believe this is training more for the parents than for the children.

Someone one said that there are no bad children. Only bad parents.

I agree.

July 6, 2009

Sign of the Times

When my sons laugh, they just chuckle. Sometimes if it is really funny, they laugh out loud, with broad "Hahaha"'s.

My daughter, when she laughs, she announces that she is laughing by saying, "LOL". No, she doesnt spell it out. She just goes, "lol" as in "poll".

For the uninitiated, that is short for "Laughing Out Loud" in chat and sms talk.


July 5, 2009


It was supposed to be well organized and smooth sailing. He was scheduled to go back for his studies. I baked lots of cupcakes for him to take back. I even packed them in his check-in suitcase for him.

Then last night he came to me and asked for his passport.


I never laid eyes on it since the last time I passed it to him month ago!

Needless to say, that sparked off hours of searching. Involved Hubby who was away facilitating at a retreat.

Hubby searched his things. I searched mine. He even went to his office, (taking time out from the retreat). So did I.

I searched at home till after 1am this morn. Finally told him to go to sleep and so did I.

Nothing turned up.

But I left his packed bag in the middle of the passageway. I refused to give up!

This morn, I had to go for Sunday service, and work. I left the two guys to continue their search.

Then just as the message began, the sms came. "Found it!" it said. Praise God! I then called my son to tell him where the lock for the bag would be.

Later I rushed from work to the airport to send him off, giving him a hug.

I should hug my other son too - for finding the passport and for sending him there. Phew!

July 4, 2009

Just Being a Mom

Spent yesterday night and will spend tonight baking.

Orange cupcakes yesterday.

Brownies today.

I don't have "free time" since my maid went on emergency leave. But I have to MAKE time.


Because my son, who is back for mid-term break, is going back to studies tomorrow. I've promised to give him some goodies to take back. Both for himself and to pass out to people such as his aunt and family, his mentor, his flatmates and whoever else he fancies. Last but not least, he can freeze the balance for himself.

Photos coming up next... IF I have the time!