April 17, 2014

Review and Remove

So it's time to go visit the doctor. I am an expert now as to where to park! 

It's not a long wait but the place was crowded. We have to sit elsewhere. It seems like the extended family of one patient has occupied the whole waiting area. We sit in the foyer.

Finally they leave and we go in. 

The good doctor is kind and gentle. He has better nursing technique than some nurses I have seen! So glad!
She has the green light to go for her camp. Wow!

April 14, 2014

Eventful Week

She said there was a problem, and upon checking I concurred. We saw a few doctors and the next thing we knew, she was scheduled for surgery. Somehow it felt right too.

So after prayer and much prayer, we went to the hospital at the appointed time. There, whilst the operation took longer than expected, things were nonetheless smooth. 
She was discharged into my care the same day, despite having a small drain in situ. Thankful that I was able to care for her, it made good mother-daughter bonding time....

Parents never expect to see their children in hospital. So thankful for the peace of the Lord that passes all understanding.