February 27, 2012


First a layer of white. The original walls were purplish. This meant that it took a while to get a good even layer of white.

Then masking tape had to be placed. Accurately.

After that, the chosen colour, in this case, pink, is painted on.

Finally when that is dried, the extra touch is put in.
A moustache on the bathroom door (reminds her of Dad she says). More difficult to apply are some swirls above the door adjoining our room. I have to help her with these. Some Scripture verses and important thoughts near the foot of the bed completes the final touch.

All in all, it is a good few days' project. Interacting, imparting, sharing, struggling, learning, understanding, observing, working alongside each other for a mutual goal. More than one goal achieved in the end.

February 26, 2012

Put to Good Use

Finally got around to using the machine properly! It's been ages since we got this curtain-thingy that Arrow #3 wanted hung at her door. I think it has had to be months actually. One busy day led to another busy day. Even holidays and days off didn't see this as a priority.

Until one day. Arrow #3 and I decided to embark on a project. A fairly big one too. We decided to re-decorate her room.

We started with giving the walls a coat of white paint. The next day, whilst Arrow #3 put masking tape on the wall, I did this. Sewed some velcro to hang the curtain up with.
Part 2 coming up after next.