February 1, 2011

Lady with a Special Touch

My Mom.

She knits. She does patchwork. She can crochet. She's done macramé. Everyone in the family has a blanket made by her.

As a septuagenarian, you'd think she gives up on such things. But no, not her. In fact, she ventures into even more finite work.

Have a look. I kid you not.
Are these not the most exquisite handiwork? It's called tatting. Loops and knots and more loops and more knots. Add in a twist here and a tug there and voila!

Well, I might make it seem simple, but I am actually doing the craft a grave injustice. It's an amazing thing that she does - she makes them and gives them to me - so I can give them away. She makes more than one so I can give more than one away. It's a joy and a blessing.

Amazing woman, that she is.