August 13, 2012

Penguin Poser

The girls had gone out for lunch. They asked what I'd like. So I figured a nice cold coffee would be a treat. The coffee came in a specially sealed cup (see pic on the right)
Now, in itself, a cup like that is pretty usual. The thing was, it had a penguin on the cover. And if you knew Arrow #3, she loves penguins.

So I whatsapp-ed her with a picture of the penguin. See top middle picture.

Her reply was as expected - vintage Arrow #3 - "DID YOU KILL HIM????" meaning did I poke a straw right through the penguin to get to my drink.

I then sent her the next pic on the right to show her I didn't. To her relief.

After that, I showed the whatsapp exchange to the girls, chuckling away.

Which is what Arrow #3 expected me to do.

When did we both get so predictable? Haha!