February 7, 2013

The Things Mommas Do

I found this new shoe shop which I really liked. They sold end of range stocks and arranged them according to size. This meant you would know immediately if the size of a particular style you wanted was available or not. The choices were limited, but still good.

As Arrow #3 has small feet and she finds it hard to find good shoes that fit, I decided that this was an excellent place to introduce her to.

And she loved it.

Only problem was, so do I.

And I came away with another extra pair of shoes.
You have to admit though - they do look good don't they? Haha!

February 1, 2013

Art of Aptness

I love my tea. Arrow #3 knows that well. So what does she do? She gets me the most apt gift. 

The cup is a Mother's Day gift. 

The brew is my favourite Earl Grey.

It's the coaster....

Don't you think it and the cup look good together? As if this was a set. 
She has this knack of seeing things and putting them together. Art of Aptness I call it....