December 16, 2010

She Remembers

It was fun today.

Arrow #3 spoke up while in the car, on the way to lunch. She suddenly remembered parts of her time in the house where she was born and spent the first few years of her life.

The floor (parquet upstairs, tiles downstairs) - was it because she spent time crawling on them? She learned to crawl under the chairs there, chasing after her brother and the hamster!

The waiting at the bay window waving to me as I left for work. She would sit there for a while longer after I left.... sigh....

The wooden table where she drew chalk marks to play games on. The favourite game was a local one called chongkak. Hmmmm how come she's not that good with maths?

The dancing while her brothers played nutty songs on the piano and keyboard. That explains her love for dance!

The time one of her brothers had a birthday party and we dressed up to do the Good Samaritan and told the story. The part of being the robbers excited the over excited boys!

She loved her room, and I'm sure it's because she had a queen sized bed all to herself. Initially she didn't like the big bed so we covered half of it with stuffed toys and lots of dolls to keep her company.

Memories.... ahhhh. Nice. I am glad we created memories for the children. This was a precious short 15 minute drive time.

Super precious because her grandparents were in the car with us!

December 13, 2010


Finally, after an entire year and more of unsynchronizable holidays and breaks, we might just have a week to ourselves. The family and my parents.

That means time together!

But of course, the children will want to link with their friends too. So the best thing would be for us to go off somewhere overnight and then leave them to their friends after that.

Making plans for this many of us is not going to be easy, but it has to be done. Memories have to be created, and planning has to be done.

But plan as we might, it is God Who will bring things to pass, so we need to pray and seek His will and way before we embark on anything else....

Which is what I am going to do as soon as I sign off here!

December 6, 2010

Countdown to Many

Now that the Musical is over (see EADotCom, Metamor4osis, The Hinge for more info) the countdowns begin for other things!

Arrow #2 has exams but will be back before Christmas.

Arrow #1 has exams too but will also be back before Christmas.

Holidays to look forward to!

My parents are with me so we can enjoy three generations-wise.

The processing of hundreds of responses to the musical. May they be directed to the Lord!

Oh, and yes, early in the new year, we start meetings for the year....