January 23, 2013

Something About Music

I love music. Most music that is. I don't like the noisy type unless I can make out the words. 

I especially love live music. It was a joy when during one season we often had Arrow #1 on the piano, Arrow #2 on the guitar, foster son on the synthesizer doing percussion, Arrow #3 and I singing our heads off, and Hubby humming along. This weekly event was always something I really looked forward to. 

Over time, the house got quiet as one by one the older ones left.

Imagine my joy when I came home one day to find Arrow #3 on the piano.
All I can say is "MORE! MORE!" Haha!

Oh, and just in case you think she doesn't play much, she actually plays the bass guitar more, an instrument which is not exactly a solo one. So she doesn't get it out much at home....

January 13, 2013

Welcome Welcome

I was quite glad to be asked - could the youth worship team come by our place for a thanksgiving dinner cum looking ahead to 2013 time? SURE~ But ummm, make sure the place is cleaned up after? Thanks!
So it was. An evening of good food, good fellowship and good chats, followed by good clearing up after. Thank You Lord!

January 1, 2013

It Finally Happened!

It has finally happened! 
The youngest is actually behind the wheel! 
Oh my oh my! 
Hubby had taught me to drive. He gave Arrow #1 and Arrow #2 their first lessons. It seemed only right that he gave Arrow #3 her first lesson too. Wow. Time flies.

Thankful that the children are growing up well. Continue to pray for them almost daily. May we grow in wisdom, spiritual stature and fear of the Lord.