March 29, 2010


It occurred to me that these days, we are increasingly a people who do not know how to bless.

You see, the other day, there was a baby dedication in the Sunday Celebration.

Both parents are godly, gentle, humble people and it was a pleasure to be able to part organize it for them.

But it was the blessing that struck me. The person who gave the blessing is an orator, yes. Known for his ability to preach well and to be able to unpack the Scriptures in a clear and creative manner.

But even this, I think, surpassed his normal standard. It was superlative-laced, God-glorified and servanthood-encouraged. I found myself holding my breath in case I missed a phrase. I wish it was recorded. At the end of it, I found myself thinking, "Wow! What parent would not want that blessing for his/her child".

And that was when I concluded that we have forgotten how to bless. Myself included.

March 22, 2010

Reverse Order?

Hubby is such a dear.

We went to Korea last month. Due to the snowy we borrowed some cold weather gear which proved to be the right move.

This month, it has been dry and drier weather. Hot is putting it mildly.

Then we went to a new shopping centre. He managed to find a good bargain (somehow he is a better shopper than I)

We got some cold weather clothes!

Not one, not two, but THREE!

No, we have no plans to go anywhere wintery - yet! He just thought it was a good bargain which might come in useful for later. I hope he is right!

March 10, 2010


When they were young, we encouraged interest in music.

So it was a joy to see them take up the piano and guitar.

It was bliss to worship in music together as a family - Arrow #1 on the piano, Arrow #2 on the guitar, Arrow #3 singing, foster son on keyboard doing drums.

Even now, as they grow older and leave home, the passion for music has not dimmed.

Hence when a popular group performed in Asia recently, Arrow #2 was there.
There is power in music!

March 3, 2010

Black is Good

Some friends came over recently. We had sumptuous dinner.

Then it was some cheese and wine.

And then coffee with chocolate. Black chocolate.
Black is good. It means that my daughter can eat it as she doesnt take to milk very well.

What's more, this is Belgian black chocolate. A taste worth staying up till after midnight for....