June 29, 2015

Rallying Around

Amazing. I put one word out and the whole group rallies round. My former classmates did a relay specially for my Arrow and I. The only known "treatment" for dengue.

One collected papaya leaves. From her neighbour no less. Stripped the tree bare apparently.

Then it was specially delivered to another friend who put the leaves in a special wash.
From the wash to the special juicer. I have never seen anything like this before. Wow. No water added so pure juice comes out.
Behold the end product - special, pure, papaya juice. This goes into a cold pack because that's the way to make sure it lasts longer.
Then the passing on continues. It goes to yet another friend who then passes it to one more friend before it gets to me.

And all within a few hours. 

So that Arrow #1 can have this concoction which is supposed to help get the blood platelet levels up. 

Thankful. So thankful for this camaraderie... 

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